Community Broadband Partnership

This RFP for the New York Community Broadband Partnership (NYCBP) seeks new Internet connections at five sites for the Finger Lakes Migrant Healthcare Project (FLMHCP) and six sites at Northern Oswego County Health Services Inc. (NOCHSI), which currently have inadequate broadband connectivity for their needs.  The services requested will provide connectivity to each site as specified in the RFP and network diagram attached.  The configuration must support QoS, specifically DSCP prioritization end to end for telehealth and secure reliable connections for electronic health information exchange.  Eventually, the connectivity will be able to provide additional services to NYCBP members for a converged IP network that will consolidate many technologies into one platform.  The successful bidder(s) will support routes for existing services at the member site to provide a seamless transition to their bandwidth solution(s).

If you have any questions, you can go here to find out more. Or contact Rachel Mehlenbacher, Consortium Program Coordinator at 607-329-4826 or email her with any comments or questions.


NYCBP RFP_April 2017 – FINAL

NYCBP_Network Plan – RFP 2

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Overview of the Rural Health Care Program 

The Rural Health Care (RHC) Program supports health care facilities in bringing world class medical care to rural areas through increased connectivity. It provides up to $400 million annually in reduced rates for broadband and telecom services. There are two subprograms in the RHC Program: the Healthcare Connect Fund (HCF) Program and the Telecommunications (Telecom) Program.

Overview of NY Community Broadband Partnership (NYCBP)

The NY Community Broadband Partnership (NYCBP) was formed as a part of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Healthcare Connect Program (HCP).  The HCP promotes the creation of rural consortiums of healthcare organizations for the development of broadband infrastructure for healthcare providers in rural underserved communities.  The consortium can be comprised of rural and urban healthcare partners and is designated rural if there is a 51% or greater representation of rural partners.

NYCBP welcomes rural and urban partners from the communities of New York State to the consortium.  All eligible partners will get a 65% discount in their monthly cost for broadband services offered by an Internet Services Provider (ISP) chosen by the consortium.  The partners will pay a small subscription fee to NYCBP for the administration and management of the consortium activities.