Reproductive Health

FP Photo 3 generationsConfidential Family Planning and Reproductive Services for everyone.

Men, women and couples come to us for private, unrushed visits, physicians who listen,  and providers who give them the comfort, respect and support they need.   From healthcare solutions focused on men & women’s wellness, to follow-up and counseling, to access to specialty services, we provide the highest standard of care. And, something else—genuine caring. That’s because we believe medicine is not just a career, but a calling.

All family planning services are private and confidential.  We believe that education is a major component to pregnancy prevention and  reproductive health.

Are you looking to start a conversation with your teen? Contact us today for some helpful hints on getting the conversation going! Easier said than done.

Call the health center nearest you for an appointment today! And if you would like to receive our newsletter, email Olivia to CoverPhoto7provide your email address or just scroll to the bottom of page to submit your contact information. To see past newsletters on topics such as pregnancy prevention and healthy relations, click here.

In addition, our Community Outreach Department provides educational programs to schools, health and human service agencies, and other groups. Topics include birth control methods, STDs, teen pregnancy prevention, healthy relationships, and youth programming. Requests for programs can be made by contacting the Community Outreach Department at the phone numbers listed below. We also run “Let’s Talk Night” just for parents. Call us if you’d like to organize one!

Community Outreach Department

Olivia Catalano, Health Advocate, 315-521-0249

Colleen Runner, Community Outreach Director, 315-781-8448.

 Pat Hall, Health Advocate (Wayne County), 315-483-1199


Private, confidential reproductive health care services for women, men and teens, including…

Birth control

Testing and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases

HIV testing

Pregnancy testing

Emergency contraception

Annual Exams (Pap smears, pelvic, breast and testicular exams)

Counseling & referrals

Community education

Free Condoms

A part of Finger Lakes Community Health. Supported by Title X Grant Funding.

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