Dentist with a cause.

Al Neri Jr., DDS 3-2013Albert Neri Jr., DDS

The son of a dentist, Dr. Neri began his 33-year career as a dental assistant in the Navy.  His mission? To motivate his patients to practice good dental habits and preventive care. Before he picks up an instrument, he talks to patients about their dental habits. “Motivating, educating, and sympathizing with my patient’s needs is the first thing I do. It’s a cliche, but an ounce of prevention truly is worth a pound of cure—especially in dentistry.” Dr. Neri enjoys working with his FLCH co-workers. “They are a talented, dedicated, and varied group of professionals. But they all have the same goal—serving the patient and the community.”

Dr. Neri is a graduate of the University of Buffalo School of Dentistry and has worked at FLCH for more than five years.